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Time for a New Look for Yonok - 10 years on - and we are still here - Please read down as this site has been restructured ....... Dowroong Marathon Walk

Yonok Wetlands Project - Has done the Job for protection of Wildlife and Habitat of Chiang Saen - The web site has become a chore for me to update; as it is just part of the work we do here. Please Read on

Yonok Wetland - Major Sites
No Hunting or Trapping
Hunting and Trapping
Yonok North 1
Yonok South 2
Distant Lands 2
Chiang Sean Lake 5
Jo Tong Dam
The Strip
Cuckoo Park
Extensions 1 - 2
Lovers leap
Extensions 1 - 2
5 ways
Little England 4 Cathedral 4 Ridgeway 4
Hadley Woods
The Sticks
Back of Beyond 1
Gull Lake 1
Distant Lands 1-2
Mekong 3
Mekong 7
Habitat Clasification
Prime habitats of interest

Areas 1- 5 see map
Areas 6 7 8 visits rarely
pristine bog
wet low forest
reeds / sedges
ponds / dykes
Forest scrub
bamboo scrub
bamboo scrub
Poor forest
bamboo forest
Wetland bogs
Forest - streams
Forest - streams
Lakes - Dykes
wet pools
reeds / sedges
Year Recording Started
Area size Km squares
200 km
2 + 10
See map

Recording Area Maps - Left is the area I drew up at the start of YWP 2006 "Lilac Zone" are areas I selected as of some ornithological importance and we endeavored to work all those areas and that continued until 2011

The Currant Recording Area (right) - is limited to the "Green Zone"

The way we record the area is changed from year to year. At the start it was urgent to survey the region as a whole, to find remnant scarce bird populations 2011 - I reduced the area to 9 major sites and a multitude of sub sites

2014 The emphasis is on constant effort - Yonok and Retreat

This site is undergoing major changes - due to Dowroong's Walk I have uploaded unfinished pages and some links will not work for a short time

The emphasis has now changed and has evolved gradually over the past years. I cut trails in several forest sites in 2011 that I thought would produce valuable information and this worked very well for a while, adding new species, however these trails have to be maintained and strong winds and rain cause severe damage and some trails are now impassable and it's become too much effort for me to re open them.
The site I call Hadley Woods: the stream was dammed 3 years ago and now the water levels are so high access is impossible.

Some sites have been destroyed by road and river development and the Mekong is a disaster. River Lapwing - Please any records from the Rim Khong area - send to me as I believe the population decimated.
It has to be said the river side development is for the developers pocket and as always "never maintained and overgrown NOW with MIMOSA - a waste of more - world resources and the ruination of the Mekong, Their are many poor people in Thailand Give the money to them instead of building cement structures that are only impressive as they decay unused and abused - Your Wasters of the World.
Better to "In-Tomb" Your Self in Concrete a deserving Epitaph for the Developer. Money for you at the expense of all that live in the areas we live - Not You.

However - I've dealt with my anger and a wise decision as a shock surprise - Many trashed areas have made birding easier and opened new doorways and my success in recording is on the up

There is Light on the Horizon and Hope - some areas have been improved for birding as a result of agricultural changes - The former landscape around CS Lake was impenetrable bamboo scrub and very difficult to find interesting birds - Now we have a more English looking landscape of copses and forested areas, it also appears to me that there is some emphasis of reducing the amount of bamboo and preserving Trees.
And - Wow - I'm seeing Signs saying - Protect Birds - Save Trees - We Of Yonok showed a way and "People Here" many want that way. They live here - Their Home - Their Life - Let them Live in Peace - Humanity.

Sadly the damage to grazing and wetland fringes to the areas around Jo Tong Dam by the planting of oil crops and rubber is a serious concern and I suggest the BCST and Ramsar support the Non Hunting Area as in my opinion and like me 'stand alone" in trying to protect the area - The New Dam CS Lake has permanently raised water levels on the lake - not a disaster but to high in my opinion - There needs to be some concerted effort to protect Chiang Saen lake and Yonok for the people and its wildlife.

On the down side the destruction of public land is more of a concern I believe for local people as they forage and gather plants for food and so much that was available is now gone. Many Thai villagers rely on foraging as they have little money.


Yonok Wetlands Project - Has done the Job for protection of wildlife and habitat. in and around Yonok - However the web site has become a chore for me to update as it is just part of the work we do here.

The conservation work here in Yonok and Chiang Saen by Yonok Wetlands Project has achieved more than I ever dreamed possible.
Our thanks and respect go to Local People who embraced Our Project.

I am now free to do what I do best and that's "Field Birding and recording" and this site reflects the work Me and Dowroong have done in Chiang Saen and Yonok since the year 2000
as I go around my areas I meet only friends and friendly faces - local people - No hunting or shooting to spoil my day - Thanks to all - Mick

Birding Yonok 2004 - 14 - Mick Davies is a Field Birding

Field Birding; I have been full time field birding since 1980 and the 15 years prior to that I was semi full time and concentrated on several visible migration sites in the county of Kent in England
For many years I classed myself as a traveling field birder - 5 months hard traveling - camping and carry all my own gear a tough life but a true adventure.
Many years ago I was walking the Himalayas (Jomson 5000 meters) and I made a decision to go where life leads and do what I feel is the right thing to do and experience life for real.

What's New & Up and Coming

New Bird in Thailand

Steaming - Videos - Topical

Dowroong for King and Country - She aims to arrive Bangkok on the 5th December The Kings Birthday - Talk to her She has much to Say.

Dowroong for Thailand - Please have a look at this New Page a reflection some of the amazing work Dowroong did for Conservation with me for Yonok Wetlands - Mick Davies,


First Day and Starting from the Statue in Chiang Rai more than 900 Kilometers to walk and just 16 days to do it.

Impossible - it takes guts to do this and I know some tough walkers and none of us could do it.

an early start and a long long way to go

Thailand is in need of National Pride and Dowroong is proud to be Thai and seeks unity and freedom - I hope she gets it

Not dead yet but very tired and a welcome helping hand for this very Brave and Courageous Woman - Dowroong

Friends along the way and she most definitely needs your help.

Dowroong is trying hard to get to Bangkok to celebrate the Kings Birthday on December 5th - Lets hope she makes it

Yonok Wetlands Project is

Mick Davies and Dowroong Danlammajak.

NO OTHER WEB SITE has our permission to copy or use this page or anything to do with Dowroong's walk for financial gain

If you want to help us

Contact Mick at ............... mickdavies2000@gmail.com

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Dowroong Danlammajak & Mick Davies.







Our Story in brief'

I met Dowroong and we traveled most of the perimeter of Thailand on a Honda Motor Bike (still going good) over 18 months. For 3 years we had an Island where we created a wildlife sanctuary on Yang Chum Lake (Kui Buri National Park) where we spent much time in total freedom of exploration survey bird species and animals,

Sadly our endeavors were ended with the re damming of Yang Chum Lake and we spent our last night there floating on a raft in out home. The corruption was over whelming and it is to our strength of character that we got through it. Our daughter was run down by a drunk and left dying in the road her money and jewelry stolen - some said it was an act of revenge as Dowroong fought for compensation for our home and received a number of Death Threats - so serious that we contacted the authorities in Bangkok.

The experience left me very angry and we left and ended up here 2004; back in Chiang Saen where we first met. - Yonok Wetlands Project - came about as I call it "a window of opportunity" and a need.

Neither of Us ever wanted to do a project. It was not done for money - It was done as there was need and public interest and so we took that road. Hard on Dowroong and us both - We have Won at some personal cost.

I have very mixed feelings some in conservation were corrupt and self interested and seek us out for their own gains.

The real success and is the only reason that I would do it again is the friends we have with local people - Hunters and trappers have stopped and are my friends and I am humbled by the respect I get where ever I go in Yonok and My Birding areas - its not just that local people smile and wave many stop and bow to me. I am quite over whelm by this and it happens often. Why !

What Me and Dowroong Done here is to treat "all people" as equal - ALL OF THEM - I am not above any one - We are ALL Common Man and I am proud to be Common Man

That's Why We Won here.


All rights reserved. © 2008 Yonok Wetlands Project

Dowroong Danlamajak & Mick Davies.

















Not Done yet

Retreat - Migration

Tickells Warbler - 1st in Thailand ......................... This page is being revised and is un available for a while -- Mick

Field Identification of Cuculus Cuckoo's - Mick Davies

Yonok Birds 477 species (Pictorial) ......................... This page is Up and on test and will take a lot of time to compleat as it will be a photo record of Birds of Yonok and more -- Mick

Rare Birds in Yonok

Rujira Resort - Birding

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